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We specialize in First Aid training in BC

With 10+ years of experience teaching students and certifying other First Aid instructors

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We offer training at your location or ours!

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After completing the course successfully, participants will receive Red Cross certifications, showcasing their expertise in first aid and CPR.

Our Customizable Programs offer flexible scheduling tailored to your unique needs, delivering comprehensive training solutions for individuals and organizations.

Our courses are led by experienced, certified instructors who possess a wealth of knowledge in first aid techniques and emergency response.

Our curriculum caters to school-specific first aid challenges. Opt for on-site training at your school for tailored solutions

Enjoy group discounts on our tailored courses, providing age-appropriate first aid education to foster a safety-conscious culture among students.

Our globally recognized Red Cross Partner certifications enhance schools’ reputation, backed by ongoing support, resources, and refresher courses for up-to-date knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions From Schools

Email us at info@vital-link.ca with your name (or the appropriate contact person) and contact information, the name of your school, and the number of students to register. If you have a timeframe that you would like to see the course(s) completed by, please include that information as well. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Email us at programs@pacificfirstaid.ca so that we can set up a new school agreement to include your school on our website for registration purposes. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Our students have the flexibility to choose the location for their First Aid course. The course can be conducted either at the convenience of your school location or at our own facilities situated at 1170 Glen Dr, Vancouver. We understand the importance of accommodating your preferences and ensuring a comfortable learning environment for all participants. Whether

As a part of our promotion, we are offering a $10 discount per student until December 31, 2023.

Once your students have completed their course, they will receive certification within just a few days. 

The school contact person or the absent student can contact our program coordinator directly to arrange for a make-up training session. If no other sessions are held at the school, the student can join one of our ongoing scheduled First Aid training courses.

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